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Par Claire Faÿ

Cahier Animé (Corée)

– 1 BlinkBook app, to download for free on the App Store or Google Play : itunes Store ou Google Play
– 16 drawings for colouring
– 1 picture = a 30 seconds’ animated cartoon
– 1 final movie of 8 minutes, with your name in the credits as the directorHOW DOES IT WORK?
1. I colour a picture, 2. I take a picture with BlinkBook, 3. Magic! It comes to life

Striped, striated, mottled, with geometric pattern, black and white or fully coloured…
The coat, the plumage and the scales of animals hold a lot of surprise in store: why is the zebra striped? What is the bird of paradise doing when he wants to seduce his lady? What is the peacock’s reaction when he is facing a predator? Can an animal change of colour according to the seasons? Colour your book… And discover the hidden talents of the animals!

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