Picasso (Allemagne)

– 1 BlinkBook app, to download for free on the App Store or Google Play : itunes Store http://apple.co/2dA9Zcu ou Google Play http://bit.ly/2dZfQvd

– 8 drawings for colouring
– Take a selfie and record your voice to be the actor of your own animated cartoon!
– A 1,5 minuts final movie, with your name in the credits as the director


Creation is a mode of expression. For Picasso, ‘the freedom to paint, is the freedom to release something from yourself’. His works are full of life. He creates spontaneous forms, those which he feels. Staying close to his own inner world, he avoids a realistic reproduction of the world. In this animated coloring book, you can color in Picasso’s works to express very different emotions: joy, anger, surprise, sadness or solace. And then, by using the free BlinkBook app, you can turn this coloring book into an animated feature and bring your paintings back to Picasso’s studio. By taking a selfie, you can become an actor in your own animation and meet the artist!
Here are the works of Picasso that you will find in this coloring book: Harlequin and Woman with Necklace, Vase – Fat Bird, The Rocking-chair, The Weeping Woman, The Muse, Guitar.